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Margie Detring

Margery Detring is a Certified Teacher in Journeys into the Heart: The Inner Path and Heart Imagery: Cleaning the Past and Self Renewal as well as Awakening the Illuminated Heart.

She is also trained in Extra Ocular Vision (brain reconnection working with children), a Reiki master, jewelry maker, energy worker, and a nutritional educator. She first studied with Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1999, becoming a teacher in Awakening the Illuminated Heart in 2013.

Margery began studying with Daniel Mitel in 2013, beginning Kriya Yoga in 2015, and Cleaning the Past and Heart Imagery in 2018.She has lived in some of the most beautiful wild places in the US with her Park Ranger husband and children, taught University level classes in history, geography, and geology,and is a geologist. She has been the proprietor of Ancient Way Trader since 1994, and a jewelry maker using semiprecious stones and sterling silver since 1997. After earning her first Masters degree, she and her husband began working and hiking in National Parks, often living in the backcountry, where bears, moose, deer, beaver, coyotes, and more, were as common as raccoons and turtles are in in most of the US. The family lived in or near several Indian Reservations in the West, and it was while there that Margery learned that her lineage included at least two Native American tribes.