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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART is an immersive 3-4 day workshop designed by Drunvalo  Melchizedek, with certification given by him through his school, The School of Remembering. He says what is shared in the class is actually guided Remembering. Drunvalo maintains that we all simply need reminding of these ancient truths and techniques. There are 4 primary […]


Heart Imagery 2: Healing and Emotional Clarity

Heart Imagery 2 open us up to our higher wisdom along with the inner wishes of our hearts; to our innate natural way of hearing, feeling and sensing our “heart speaking”, which we can then instruct our body in a better way. American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Nature and books belong to the eyes […]


Heart Imagery 1: Cleaning The Past and Self Renewal

In HEART IMAGERY 1 we will use ancient wisdom to learn to move your Spirit from your Mind space to your Heart space and to clear heavy emotions from past trauma.    Heart imagery will feel like an unlocking into the wonders, answers and resources that lie within. You will also gain knowledge on how […]