How can I describe the experience? Clarity, calm, comfort, and yes: Lucidity!

I gained focus without noticing I was focused. I could repeat an experience and go further, more profound.

It’s been the most engaging and accessible session that got me out of my head and connected to my heart.

It was a restful, relaxing experience, both physically and mentally.

Definitely the Best Early Christmas Gift ever: Accessible Peace of Mind on Demand.

How luxurious is that?”

-Thierry Mazué
Perpignan, France
Business Owner Coach Consultant

“Recently I spent two days with Margery Detring guiding me through the process of Heart Imagery 1: Cleaning the Past & Self Renewal . I was an active participant and enjoyed the revealing of what was in my heart that my mind had not brought to the surface. I could trust this experience because every bit of it came from my own heart. This authentic knowledge empowered me! I will always treasure this practice and recommend that anyone who finds themselves intrigued, might sign up and learn what their heart is imparting.”

– Treva Anderson
Career Educator, Classroom and Administration

It never ceases to amaze me how easily matters of the heart can draw complete strangers so closely together almost instantaneously. I feel a lot of trust must be shared amongst participants to be able to “let go”. It’s a cathartic experience. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work.

-Micaela Lee


I feel so much better. I feel so much more calm and more remembering about the love. Because I had a very sad moment [before the workshop started] it was very tough. So I’m glad I’m so glad we’re here.

-Sue Romano

Margery took us on a beautiful journey throughout this workshop. I felt more connected with my Self, God, Mother Earth, The Universe, and All Life. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who is wanting to bring more peace, love, and harmony in their lives and the world at large.

I feel a lot of love coming from your  (the facilitators’) hearts.
Thank you!