Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Awakening the Illuminated Heart is an immersive 3-4 day workshop designed by Drunvalo Melchizedek, with certification given by him through his school, The School of Remembering. He says what is shared in the class is actually guided Remembering. Drunvalo teaches that we all simply need reminding of these ancient truths and techniques. There are 4 primary parts to this. First: Guiding you to remember who you really are, and how powerful and perfect you are. Secondly: Learn how to move from living in the brain to living in the heart, and to re-learn how to create from the heart outside of polarity. We will practice this many times. Third: Understand the creation process and how essential it is to remain in a higher frequency, Ascension. Fourth: Learn how to activate your Merkaba permanently. This can be done via Zoom or as in person in your studio or mine. If you have a group who would like for me to travel to you, that can be possible. I find that Zoom meetings are as powerful as in person, possibly even more so because each is in their comfortable home environment. Remember, there is no question that cannot be answered within your own heart.

When all of these are again engaged, one’s Merkaba is naturally activated and one completely remembers and knows how to fulfill one’s potential of creation using love here on Earth…a “New Body, New World, New Life!”