Introduction to Heart Imagery (Miniworkshop)

Find your centre and bring more peace, love, harmony in your life and the world now SHOW UP LIVE and your receive a GIFT for committing to yourself! FOR ONLY $22 USD reserve your seat to this life-changing 90-minute live online training. 90 min Live Online Immersion Workshop Introducing Heart Imagery Join The School of The Heart Teachers Andrea Petrut, founder of Living With A Healing Heart (Canada) and Margery Detring, Founder of Living In The Heart (USA) in a unique workshop were they both combine the teaching, their experience and wisdom so you can find the guidance, answers, transformation and connection you need here and now. Bring more peace, love and harmony in your life and in the world now through three simple and easy to follow Heart Imagery exercises in a safe environment with a group of like-hearted people.

In this experiential workshop lasting an hour and a half you will discover:

What is Heart Imagery, how to maintain peace of mind with Heart Imagery, how to listen to your heart to follow your path and ow to follow your path through Heart Imagery

Your Heart Knows Your Path

Amplify Your Receiver!

You can hear your heart’s voice with clarity, you can see, sense, or feel the messages that you need to receive from your guidance and that only you understand. Let your heart speak in ways it may have never had the chance to communicate with you before. Allow yourself to experience deep connection and guidance from your heart while being in a safe, sacred environment.

Heart Imagery – The Process

We start off with just really breathing and calming down.  We’re going to open up the breath and let the breath and the prana and invite the prana in to clear things out. We strengthen our core in a way, so that we believe what we can find, so we believe the things that we hear and see and sense and feel in our hearts. Once we see, sense, feel or hear we can be grateful for its role, for the way it protected us or whatever role it had. Then we release and let go.

Why Do We Need Heart Imagery?

Through Heart Imagery:
  • We filter out all those things that are not us. Although we’ve used those things, we don’t need them now. And so the quest is to find those things and just let them fall off, like petals falling from a flower.
  • We go through a very smooth, loving, caring, compassionate process that clears out the clutter so we can be ourselves.
  • We find the seed within.