Date - Wednesday May 18, 2022

“Dreaming Yourself Into Being” & Ancient Way Heart Book Club Meeting 1


Our Book Club has begun the journey of Dreaming Ourselves Into Being by discussing Bonnie’s poetic and authentic prose. Dr Bonnie Buckner lives and shares her remarkable gift of showing us how to see ourselves and to let ourselves see who we are now.

Dreaming and Imagery have been used for thousands of years by various peoples to access inner knowing and is a viable way of viewing the possibilities of the world or healing the world, and ourselves.

Bonnie was a student, perhaps one of the most successful students, of Dr. Catherine Shainberg’s who, through the School of Images, brings the long lineage of Kabbalistic Imagery and psychology. Raised on a ranch in Texas, finding her way into LA and TV production, Bonnie now lives in France where she has opened the Institute for Dreaming and continues to teach on dreaming. Her life journey, taking many turns as life can when we follow the path of inner wisdom.

In my school, The School of The Heart, Daniel Mitel says that imagery actually goes back tens to thousands of years and that was the way that people actually accessed their inner knowing, it wasn’t with words.

The beauty of dreaming and imagery, is that it takes us beyond the limitation of words, or a teacher telling a student what to think. Dreams and imagery are direct – a direct connection between us and source and our inner world. Whatever imagery we’re doing, we have our intent, but we have to let go of the outcome and just go on the journey.

I often use the example of a basket that I have that is made by the Tohono O’odham people who used to live or still live near Phoenix and it is this:

This Is made of Yucca fiber and the design is found in petroglyphs around the southwest. The Tohono O’odham, which we used to call Papago, say this design represents a human being’s path, birth through life. First we’re born and we come from the centre, we come from all that is and then we walk this path to get back to source again, but part of the path is waling the maze.

Sometimes we think we know where we’re going. We know, we feel strongly that we know exactly where we’re going. And maybe at that one point, that is where we’re going. But the whole purpose of following our heart is to keep going around the labyrinth, and going back to the one source. And if our plan gets too rigid, the universe will simply shift the maze, so that we have to walk that road, because it’s something that we need to do to accomplish our mission, to bring our greatest gift to the world forward.

That’s one of the things that sometimes we Westerners especially, get so in our head, that we decide our career, where we’re going to go and then we mark, we evaluate the entire journey by it. Is this producing what? When am I getting there? Am I getting there, which is a very linear approach. It’s getting to here to get to here to get to there to get to there to get to there. And oh, when is it successful? Sometimes they are just roads, I mean, goodness, look at Elon Musk, the road is never done, right? It’s never done and that’s okay, it’s okay to never be done.

But when we’re walking this life, going from our birth toward our death, where we go back to one source, sometimes we can be so successful in what we’re doing, that we miss the gift that we actually came in here to give. We miss developing that bit of us that we actually came in here to give. And that to me, that is the wonderfulness of Bonnie’s book – that she starts up knowing that there was something that she knew when she was three years old, that there was something that she came in to do, as I mentioned, to show us how to see ourselves and to let ourselves see who we are now.

This is why I wanted to share this book, because I find it amazing over and over, and over again, and to hopefully gift you the heart-maze-path back to source.

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Dr.Bonnie Buckner’s book can be purchased here.

-Margery Detring