Date - Thursday December 1, 2022

Heart Imagery Experience

Dear Ancient Hearts,

I just had to share this beautifully articulated experience a Heart Imagery participant had.
It is truly the reason I serve through these workshops, that you too, may be lucid, calm, focused and most of all, luxuriously at peace. Thank you, Thierry, for sharing and expressing this with us.

-Margery Detring

I joined a session led by Margery Detring.
From the beginning, I found myself relaxed by her voice and her explanations about what would happen. I’m not a native English speaker, so I truly enjoyed understanding everything she said. ūüėČ
Everything was based on what Margery was telling us; it was the best experience I’ve ever had about viewing vivid images in my mind.¬†
Every participant could come up with their imagery or scene: it worked for each of us. How do I know? Because she asked us!
I gained focus without noticing I was focused. 
As the minutes ticked away, I could repeat an experience and go further, more profound. 
At some point, I was walking in a big white house, of which I created a detailed picture. 
I did the experience twice, and it got better, like really better. No! I mean it: really, really better!
As I walked through the house following Margery’s indications -what a lovely warm and peaceful voice, I found my way faster, moving a bit before her indications (the second time -remember?) to … my heart!
It’s been the most engaging¬†and accessible session that got me out of my head and connected to my heart.¬†
How can I describe the experience? 
Clarity, calm, comfort, and yes: Lucidity! 
It took me a while after we parted. 
I realized I no longer heard the “noise in my head”; a noisy carousel of thoughts generating chaos and occupying too much space!
It was a restful, relaxing experience, both physically and mentally.
It’s been a wonderful gift from our leader that evening. Margery gave us a seamless session, perfectly orchestrated.
Everybody attending it went she decided to take us. 
That was a brilliant performance. I did not realize we had already spent more than an hour! 
And when she offered to extend the gift, we all took it in a second.
Thank you again, Margery, for inviting me.¬†It’s been an honor to participate in your session and a bliss.
Oh, I remember the last piece I wanted to share with you, and definitely the Best Early Christmas Gift ever: Once in a while, I take a few seconds. I run again -without your guidance this time, and get back where you lead me, to live again what I felt with you: Accessible Peace of Mind on Demand. 
How luxurious is that? 
Sincerely yours,
Thierry Mazué
Perpignan, France
Business Owner Coach Consultant