Date - Tuesday July 12, 2022

“Dreaming Yourself Into Being” & Ancient Way Heart Book Club Meeting 3

Since the rich experience of our third Book Club meeting, we have gained deeper insights into our dreams, what they mean for each of us and how to yield their wisdom.


The Gift of Connection
One of the gifts of being connected to source, your intuition and your dreams is being able to identify paths the paths are truest for you. As Bonnies describes a time where she had met a fantastic life goal, one she had put in a place for a long time, and yet her intuition led her to another path that fit her better, such as meeting one of our mentors, Dr Catherine Shainberg.

Neither Bonnie or Catherine will not be able to solve a problem for you but the process will take you to a place where all of a sudden you can kind of see it. Using perceptions and imagery, people are brought to a knowingness of what they find within themselves and can work towards an awareness of solutions that will work best for them.

Addressing the Necessities
An insightful point in the book, about 80% of the way, mentions bringing consciousness into your dreaming (the process is described in the book), that dreams address ‘necessities’, even as you’re dreaming you become adept. The dreaming becomes a language for addressing the necessity, being conscious in the dream will become commonplace.

The example of the dream we read through from the book demonstrates how reality was addressed, the necessity of seeing the same landscape with new eyes.   We look at chaos and at the end because there is chaos, we are provided many opportunities for new solutions that we hadn’t seen before.

Learning to increase your perception in this way is critical for truly seeing the self. It increases our experience, like turning up the volume.

Learning the Language
In the last part of the book there are actually quite a few actual exercises you can do. You can either just read them and remember or, I think for me, the easiest way is actually to read them into a recorder or put them on my phone and then listen. They’re very quick. You don’t spend a lot of time doing these like you would if you were meditating. But the results are also very quick.

I wanted to highlight this one thing, looking at chapter nine, that is Waking Dreams and Imagery. I bet everybody has had waking dreams. And sometimes they seem like they’re happening now, sometimes they are  happening now but you know that they happened long ago, but there’s still a necessity there for you to read. Dreams, Bonnie says, is our way of mapping our inner landscape and they are our entry into cleaning them. Cleaning things out of your mind so that they are no longer there anymore.


The Process
Some of our members felt strong resistance to tracking their dreams, some moved closer to recognizing patterns in their dreams, others felt they needed to read the book again having seemingly forgotten everything but most likely has shifted through the process. Many feel it is a pull towards quieting the busy mind and listening to their Higher Self. My own self reflections are of shifting from doing the little things that are more manageable, comfortable or urgent or that I enjoy to doing the things that I know I need to do for myself, making the time without distraction. Maybe that’s the point of the distractions, to keep you from doing that thing that you feel you need to do but you don’t really want to do!

Something else we get from this book is listening to ourselves in ways that we didn’t know before. And believing what we hear. By listening, we are seeing places where we’ve instead listened to the conditioned narrative of what we should be doing and how things should be instead of what our source is saying. We are letting go of uncertainty. We are being brave, failing and practicing the art of Dreaming Ourselves Into Being.

We have one more Book Club gathering and then the final meeting with Dr. Bonnie Buckner!

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Dr.Bonnie Buckner’s book can be purchased here.

I appreciate all of you and your revernce for this journey.
-Margery Detring