Date - Friday March 31, 2023

Heart Imagery – Healing Through Oneness Interview

Interview for Healing Through Oneness Podcast – host Andrea Petrut



Description of episode from host:

I am happy to start this podcast with a new and very dear friend of mine and colleague, Margery Detring. Read More

Margery is an inspiration and a presence living IN the heart that I have joy listening to and learning from.  More about her:

Events we organize together:

“We learn with Heart Imagery that we really are connected and we actually are all connected. We just need to settle down and breathe, and let it all come to us and stop letting other people tell us who and what we are.” (Margery Detring)

Topics discussed in the interview:
  • Connection to nature since childhood and how she got to teaching in Indigenous community
  • Experiences with the Hopi and the Zuni Pueblo
  • Simultaneous timeliness and the difference between a waking dream
  • Traditions that maintain and hold together that old relationship
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek, the Tibetan Monks and the relationship with the Hopi
  • Keeping the Origin
  • Learning from Drunvalo on site and unique ceremonies, some of which happen only once every 500 years
  • An extraordinary life experience where she was drummed backed into this world

Personal experiences, realization, and wisdom from using Heart Imagery in life Read Less