Date - Sunday July 24, 2022

“Dreaming Yourself Into Being” & Ancient Way Heart Book Club Meeting 4


As we gathered for our fourth meeting, the community is experiencing this process as freeing. Freeing from beliefs, attitudes and actually, freeing their expectations.

Although expectations are wonderful, sometimes they can close a window for us instead of opening one up. When we’re looking for that one thing, we miss all these other gifts around us. Bonnie’s book has freed up my expectations to see more of the gifts all around.


How To Prepare For Bonnie!

Most exciting is our next meeting on July 28th, Bonnie will be with us! Bonnie is gifting us 90 minutes and will be opening a dream for us. So for you dreamers, who have spent a little time with the book, write down your dream(s) in as much detail as you can. Write them down as soon as you have the dream, keep details of all of them – at 3am, 5am etc – include numbers, colours, actions, repetitiveness, any details at all, write them all down to establish patterns and capture any messages.


Dream Treasures

The Dream World is a treasure of information and insights and suggestions that are outside our rational mind. When we dream we see clearly, although perhaps symbolically, processes what we would like to incorporate into our awake life.In order for a dream opener to do the greatest benefit to you, if you have more than one dream, write them all down as soon as they are dreamt. We went over suggestions in our previous meeting on how to write in the dark with as little disturbance as possible to your overall sleep. Write everything down but do not edit! Even a misspelling, or a mis-word can be significant. Just let it flow out of your mind as you write it down. Of course, dreaming can occur while awake as well so be sure to write those details down as well.


It’s important to pay attention and believe that your heart messages are truly right  for you. Many, unfortunately, talk themselves out of it or get talked out of listening. Believing in the dream/heart messages has a rippling out effect, as long as we keep believing.
As soon as we have disbelief, the ripples hit a dam and so breaking the flow.

Even your imagination can be a waking vision!
Quieting our mind will allow the spirit to speak, dreaming is a way that allows spirit to speak to us and help us see or think of things differently.
Treasure your dreams!

Record them when you can, follow the process through, write it out at the time, write it fully, look at it again and add to it you’ll find amazing messages: patterns of concern or of desire, life aspirations will become clear, even as secondary dreamers.

Respecting and accepting the process, recognizing the value that dreams gift us is the opportunity here.
You may even want to do it more often!

Participant Sharing
Observations and insights from our participants are remarkable and beautiful.
Here are some of what was noticed from reading the book and their life experience and application:
  • I’m very inspired with Bonnie’s consciousness and awareness of what she wanted to be from childhood
  • Impressed by her ‘holding’ of this knowing/desire/insight/power and action taken towards fulfilling that desire
  • When she writes that she feels can do the thing in her heart, I feel when I’m reading that yes, she can!
    I observe and notice how I feel, do I feel ‘I can’ also?
  • This is about dreaming yes, but being in the body and noticing what sensations, where, how you feel, is elemental in the process so it’s not all dreamy in that sense that it’s away from us, it’s in us, in our bodies, too.
  • Through this process of writing out the dreams, I keep working it out and expressing any angst or challenge until I feel peace.
  • We co-create with the author, as we live Bonnie’s story she enters our lives and we create with her as we apply and integrate what we gather from the book. Hold on to the belief that you can co-create towards your destiny.
  • This book offers space for vertical growth, go as deep as and as high with your perceptions, insights and opening.
  • The offering in this book is a touchstone on how to listen to yourself
  • It’s not just about dreaming but about making the commitment to what you’re asking to receive by making a step, any action towards that which your heart is seeking

The Beauty of the Book

The profound observations above are just the beginning of possibilities when you immerse yourself in Dream Yourself Into Being.
Here are a few more comments from our gathering:

  • Through this book and work, Bonnie is supporting us to be the best we can be
  • Bonnie plants the seeds for the reader, that we are probably more than we thought we were
  • Although Bonnie opens dreams, this book opens our life!!!
  • This book makes you love life

We can prepare for our meeting with Bonnie by having our any questions ready for her.
For example, one DreamHeart participant would to like ask:
  • How do I discern where this imagery is coming from?
  • Bonnie works with imagery but did not mention for example, about vision boards which is unique and I’d like to know more
The Work Is Never Complete
Although we took a short two months to go through this MasterHeart material, the work is ongoing and never really complete…it’s an ongoing stretch.
Do take you time with it, integrate the process of jotting down your dreams, listening to yourself, to your body, integrate this into your life.
Perhaps we will meet again in a year’s time and reflect on where this journey has taken all of us!

Join us JULY 28th LIVE with Dr Bonnie Buckner!
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Dr.Bonnie Buckner’s book can be purchased here.

I’m looking forward to gathering with all of you and Bonnie to journey through our dreams.
-Margery Detring